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Bailey B. Lagman J.D.

Shareholder | Attorney

P: 608-662-0440

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Attorney Bailey Lagman has been with Grams & Christoffersen, S.C., for over seven years. A graduate from the University of Wisconsin Law School, Bailey became the first female Shareholder at our firm in January 2020. She has since assisted in the opening of our branch locations in Waunakee, Verona, and Oregon. Attorney Lagman has a passion for helping clients protect themselves and their families as they age. She meets with young individuals and families, as well as older clients, to help with a variety of needs, ranging from creating and executing different types of trusts, properly appointing guardians for minors, navigating the world of probate, and applying for Medicaid benefits. If you stop by early in the day, you’re sure to run into her as she is always the first one in the office, enjoying a hot cup of coffee as she starts her day! Bailey lives in Verona with her husband, Patrick, and their daughters.

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