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Trusts & Estates

Who Can We Help?

Young Families

Too often young families delay their estate planning, thinking they are “too young”, “too healthy”, or it is “too expensive”.  Of course you are not expecting to fall ill or die young, but planning for either possibility is being prudent and responsible. Our firm can help you understand and work through the estate planning process, providing you with valuable guidance and support along the way.

What you may need:

Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney for Finances, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, and HIPAA  


The milestone of retirement is an opportune time to revisit your current estate plan, or to establish your first estate plan, in order to prepare for the years ahead.  A key part of your retirement plan is your estate plan.  The goal of estate planning at this level is to secure your financial plan, to ensure you have the desired cash flow to support yourself, and to preserve your assets so you can leave them to your loved ones.  Our firm can assist you with establishing the appropriate plan to aid in achieving these goals.  

What you may need:

Revocable Trust and Retirement Plan Trust

Elderly Mother or Father

One of our greatest fears as individuals is the potential loss of independence.  Not only does a senior living community often signify the loss of personal autonomy, but it does so at a significant financial cost.  Our firm can help you carefully and strategically plan, whether in advance or in response to a pressing need, to protect your assets from long term care costs or to mitigate such losses.

What you may need:

Irrevocable Eldercare Trust

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